A Handful of Sand

Lately, my thoughts have been harder to get onto paper.  Seems like I just can’t seem to write down exactly the way I feel about it.  I found a new (to me) song today though and one line says “He knows the number of each grain of sand, and I can’t even count what I can hold in my hand”.  This one particular line has been on repeat in my mind ever since I heard it.  How amazing it is that God knows the number of every single minute grain of sand that ever existed.  It’s just so true that we could grab a handful of sand and would never be able to count even half of the handful. 

 I can just picture it now, as I run my hand into a sandbox grabbing a big handful of soft sand.  I bring my hand up and immediately the sand starts pouring through between my fingers.  Ive already lost a lot of sand but I try to continue to count what I have left.  I open my hand ever so slowly yet still more slides off the edges of my hand.  I squeeze my fingers tightly together until my hand begins to cramp.  I start my count and realize that I can’t even see the grains of sand that are in the crevices of my hand.  Nor am I able to keep track of which tiny grains I’ve counted and the others that remain.  I give up! 

This simple illustration humbles me so much because not only does it seem impossible that God knows every grain of sand, but also that he numbers the hairs on our head.  Now I can’t even keep up with my own hairs! I mean, I shed like a mutt most days of the week and I wouldn’t even be able to count the ones I lose much less each hair I keep.  And that’s just the beginning because not only does my Lord know every hair on my head, he knows all of your hairs too!  And he numbers our neighbors’ hair, and our friends’, and even the President’s each and every hair.  How overwhelming to imagine.  It’s so wonderful that we can come to know personally our God, our Saviour, who created ALL things!  And He cares enough for little you and me that He keeps track of every seemingly insignificant detail of us.  Who are we to worry about anything when our Lord is in control? 

To further the thought, think about the thousands of grains of sand I lost through the cracks of my hands.  God holds the whole entire world in His hands and he never loses even a single one of us.  We will never have to worry about slipping through between His fingers.  Think of the grains that were in the crevices of my wrinkled hand.  I couldn’t even see them.  Isn’t it wonderful that God can ALWAYS see us?  He knows exactly where we are every minute and even knows what’s in our hearts and on our minds.  He even understands!  How amazing to know that we are loved by such a powerful and omnipotent God!  Thank you Lord for a handful of sand.

Thankful for Sadness and Tears


This is my #5 for the #GiveThanksChallenge. I’m thankful for the ability to have felt sadness and tasted tears.  Although it is definitely not an emotion any of us look forward to, we are blessed to be able to be in situations that sometimes result in sadness.  If we have ever loved, then we have surely also been  saddened.  I love my children but it truly saddens me when they disobey me directly, especially when I know it’s something that they know better than to do.  I can only imagine how much sadness and disappointment I cause My Saviour when I fail in living His will for my life.  Tears flow from my eyes in times of loss, pain, disappointment, fear, and even sometimes from happiness and joy.  I’m thankful for the tears I’ve shed regardless of their origin.  I’m alive and able to feel pain when I stump my toe or bust my head on the cabinet door. I have people surrounding me whom I can depend on, love and cherish, and I’m fortunate that they’re here even if I am disappointed in them at times.  When I mourn the loss of a loved one, I’m grateful for having been given the chance to become part of their life.  When I’m scared, which is rather often if my husband is sneaking around outside after dark, I’m glad that I live somewhere safe so that I’m not immune to fear.  I’m so thankful for sadness and tears. I’m a natural born cryer (I just hide it well) and tears seem to be a balm for my soul.  I enjoy nothing any more than pouring my heart out to the Lord, shedding all my tears on His lap, and having Him there to comfort me.

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. Psalms 126:5 KJV