Quick Thoughts

Here you will find quick, short reads that I have written and posted to social media in the past.  May they brighten your day and give you a new or refreshed perspective.  (These are in no particular order at all.)



February 13,2015— Brantyn told me he took the most beautiful picture for me. He said it was the most beautiful blue sky with trees in front of it. Most people wouldn’t see the pic as beautiful at all but instead maybe dreary or gloomy, but he saw this gorgeous little tiny spot of blue sky and it changed his whole perspective of its surroundings. As Christians, we should live like this, not complaining or dwelling on the bad but rejoicing and delighting in the blessings and mercy from God. And another thought, the world as a whole is pretty gloomy and dreary, but we as Christians should be like that beautiful blue sky peeping through so that others may see Christ through us!


June 4, 2015— Ever scraped the bottom of your barrel? Been in the darkest of midnights? The lowest of valleys? Me too, but praise God He is there too! You may not see Him, but He sees you. And He sees what you don’t, the mountain you’re about to climb!


June 10, 2015— While walking with Brantyn yesterday, he said “food, lots of drinks, a house, the Bible and The Lord is all we need. Most of all The Lord.” How true! Why do we stress and worry so much over everything when these basic things are all we need and God said he will supply our need. So all of us have exactly what we need, let’s try to praise God for it instead of worrying and stressing over things we want.


February 12,2014—  All of us have no problem believing the meteorologists who have warned of this incoming imminent snowstorm, so much that schools are cancelled, businesses closed, plans changed etc… BUT yet God warned us all of His coming, the end of our life here on earth, and imminent death that EVERY one of us will face and so many haven’t changed ANY of their plans, not even missed a shift at work, a day of school etc… If only we all believed God’s men that he has sent to warn of His coming as much as the meteorologists that God made and allowed to learn about the weather and its patterns! Something to think about! Is it that REAL to you?



May 2015— Brantyn loves to sing, as we all do, and has the memory of an elephant (or whatever animal that saying is about).  It blesses my heart to hear him break out in song, either a real song or one he makes up as he goes along.  He has sang about Jesus coming back on a Kubota tractor even!   From the time he was able to talk, he would memorize complete songs and sing them.  One of his favorites was “I’ll Take the Old Highway”.  Just yesterday, he started singing “Where Could I  Go But to The Lord?”.  I couldn’t hold back my tears as I was reminded that Christ is a comfort and a refuge to our soul. Where could we go but to The Lord?  I can only pray that this gets instilled in my children’s hearts.  They will be knocked down, put down, discouraged and failed by many people in life.  We all fail each other at times, even our own children.  But God will never fail them!  I pray they always remember to rely on The Lord and run to him in times of trouble or despair as well as times of joy.


The Many Things My Children Say

12-1-15- Brantyn was drawing pictures of different Bible people.  He got to the place to draw Jesus and says, “I know what I will draw Jesus doing!  It’s the coolest thing he did!”.  Then he drew Jesus walking on the water.  I told him that was a pretty cool thing that Jesus did, and Brantyn being the rescue vehicle lover he is, said that Jesus walked on the water to do a pretty cool rescue.

The Fundamental Top 500


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