In this life, it seems I just fail over and over again

I lose faith and get discouraged time and time again

But I have a loving Saviour who reaches down his hand

And he picks me back up, and restores me once again.  

Life’s trials and tribulations get the best of me each day

Im the weakest of His children, but He loves me anyway.

Every single time I stumble, I think”Oh no, not again!” 

But He’s always there for me, to forgive me once again.


I’m Glad God Ain’t Like Me

As I was fixing supper the other night, I was getting annoyed by my kiddos who kept interrupting me with ” Mom, I want something to eat!” And “Mom! I’m sooo thirsty!”.  And of course the never ending “Is supper ready yet?” And “Mom,  can’t i just have a snack?”.  Just as I was about to lose it, well let’s just be honest, I lost it.  But then God pricked my heart and showed me how I wasn’t acting very Christ-like. 
Of course I am their Mom and I already know what they need and want.  I know that they are hungry and thirsty.  I know Brantyn wants meat and potatoes and Silas wants the veggies.  I’m aware that as soon as I sit down their plate, they’ll be looking for their drink. And I even know that they’d like to eat with their “construction” utensils instead of plain forks.  I’m working as hard as possible to get supper finished as soon as I can because like my little boys, my husband and I are starving too.  But somehow I just couldn’t keep my cool with all the constant begging.  It made me feel like they didn’t even realize that I ALWAYS take care of their needs, I ALWAYS fix their supper and give them a drink. Why was it so hard for them to realize that even if they didn’t aggravate me to death, they’d still be fed?  That’s when God smote my heart and I realized that I act that exact same way most of the time with Him.  I neglect to realize that He already knows all of my needs and that He is going to take care of them.  As good as my God is, He even knows my wants and my preferences and even though I’m not guaranteed those things, He loves me so much that He usually gives me those too.  I don’t have to eat loaf bread and milk three times a day, I get to have tasty choices and usually don’t repeat the meal for a few weeks. My God is just that merciful and gracious! 
Why must I be so nagging and doubtful that He is going to come through?  Where’s my faith?  I’ve had to come to the heartbreaking realization that I am just like my 3 year old spiritually.  I don’t have any more faith in God than he has in me fixing his supper. In fact, he probably has more faith than me but just lacks the patience to wait for me to finish cooking.  What’s more is that not only do I act like a three year old, constantly asking the Lord when he is going to answer my prayer or when He is finally going to move in a situation, but I now even realize how I could never deal with someone as impatient and faithless as myself. 
As I lost it on my kids, I realized how awful that it was for me not to be a Christ-like example for them.  Does God get that mad at me when I question Him?  Does he rebuke me and “lose his temper” with me?  No.  Of course not. I sure am glad that God ain’t like me.  I’m glad God is so much more forgiving and understanding than I could ever even imagine being. I really must strive more and more every day to trust in God and rely on Him in ALL things and have faith in His perfect timing.  I’ve got to stop the constant questioning.  Thank you Lord for being patient with me through my many failures and especially when I’m acting like a three year old Christian.

Love of a Child

As a mother, I’ve learned what it is to love a child unconditionally and for your purpose in life to change and be centered around the needs of that little person. A mother’s love is something that comes naturally and cannot be purchased, produced or even replicated. The same is true of a father’s love, but I can’t attest to that personally seeing as how I am a mother and not a father. I’m a mother of two little boys and expecting a third. I’ve been pretty much consumed by all the needs that I face in order to be prepared for our little addition to the family. As most mothers, I’ve made registries and selected all of the items I will need in the coming months for the newborn. Some of the things I have already been collecting along the way, such as a crib, car seat, etc… As I am making these preparations, I can’t help but realize that just as I am preparing for the needs of my child, God has already made preparations for me. When I was saved and born into the family of God, I became His child and He my Father. As the Almighty Heavenly Father, who is all-knowing and all-powerful, He has so much more made all of my needs to be met and blessed me abundantly above measure.
Take for instance, the simple act of a mother fixing her baby a bottle, preparing to nurse the child or even changing it’s diaper. She does it multiple times daily and knows almost exactly when her child will be ready for the next feeding or diaper change. She has on hand the needed supplies, like bottles, burp cloths, diapers, wipes and creams. She also has them right where they can be easily used when needed. She makes sure the diapers are the right size, the nipples to the bottle are the right flow stage and that everything is just exactly right for her little bundle of joy. If we being capable of this as earthly, sinful flesh, then how much more is our Heavenly Father capable of?

 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Matthew 7:11 KJV

I’ve also been pondering on how our relationship with Christ is a PERSONAL one. I know Him personally as my Saviour and I could try to explain to someone all day how amazing and wonderful He is to me, but unless they know Him personally too, they will never understand. They will never know His love. This is evidenced in our lives through children over and over. They say that babies can recognize their mother and father’s voices when they are first born because they’ve heard them while in the womb. This is so very true and I know that it goes even further than that because they can also recognize siblings. Children also know their mothers smell. Before their eyesight develops completely, they can sense that their mother is in the room because of her scent. I watched a video recently of a group of mothers who were all dressed in similar clothes, standing in a line while their children were brought in blindfolded. One by one, the children went down the line feeling the hands and faces of the women until they found the one whom they thought was their mother. Every single child stopped as soon as they touched their mother. Most hugged them before even taking the blindfold off. This experiment touched me in a way spiritually that opened my eyes to how familiar we should be with our own Heavenly Father. Have we spent enough time with Him that we know the very moment that He manifests Himself in our presence? Can we differentiate Him from another kind of spirit or emotion that may stir?
As His children, He knows our every need and desire. As a mother, we know when we hear our child cry exactly what they are needing. We usually know the needs before they cry. God does the same for us. He knows our every need, and sometimes He waits until we cry for it. Do we really beg God to spend time communing with us? Do we get in a position where we can fellowship with Him?
At times, I’ve been standing in a crowd when my toddler would grab onto the wrong persons leg and get embarrassed or scared when he realized it wasn’t me. He knows me and when he is in need of something, He comes to me. He gets hungry, He comes to Momma. He gets sleepy, He comes to Momma. He gets cold, He comes to Momma. He wants held, He comes to Momma. Every little need, He comes to Momma. He’s a Momma’s boy if you will. Both of my boys are. I beckon the question, are we our Heavenly Father’s children? Do we look to Him for every little need? Or do we try to figure it out on our own before turning to Him? Do we look to others for their advice or help instead of asking God right from the start?
As we raise our children, let’s look to God as they look to us. Use each moment, no matter how trying or difficult it may be, to learn how we can relate it to our relationship with God. Make it a PERSONAL relationship. You can’t just change out a baby and it’s mother for another and everything go smoothly. Sure, the mother could still meet the basic needs of the infant but there wouldn’t be that special bond between them. Only the child’s own mother can fill that void and meet all of its needs physically and emotionally. Babies sometimes cry while being held by others just because they are longing for the comfort that only comes from being in their mothers arms. Another woman can hold the child the exact same way, but the child knows that something is different and isn’t satisfied until it’s mother holds it. Let us be the same way in the arms of Christ. Let us not be satisfied or comforted by the things of this world or the devil himself sneaking in disguise. Let us long for our own personal Father to comfort and satisfy us daily.