Wisdom from a Widow

I’ve been thinking alot about the widow woman from Zarephath.  I think we read Bible stories like these, realize what great message they represent and then we move on.  We don’t stop and ponder on the many other things that God would have us learn from it, nor do we think about what it was like to actually be one of these characters.  They were REAL people!!!

So, imagine with me:

Here you are, a single mother living in a land of famine.  Your husband always provided for you but now he’s dead.  You’re sorrowful because you didn’t ask for this hard life. You never dreamed as a little girl that one day you’d be living in a shack, literally scraping the bottom of the meal barrel just to make your last cake of bread to feed to your only child as their last meal before you both succomb to starvation.  You’ve been pushing meals back yourself for awhile now, hoping that one day you’d be able to catch up.  Maybe one day it will rain again and you can get something to grow.  If you could only hold out until then.  You’ve limited yourself to a few bites a day, just enough to not let your son know your starving while he scarfs down his dinner.

The weather is so dry! You’re insanely lonely.  Sure, you have your son and you’re grateful you aren’t truly “alone”, but more often than not you wet your pillow at night just thinking about how sweet it would feel to have just one more kiss from your true love.  You two were so in love and life was so much easier with your partner helping you each day.  Never a dull moment passed, and you fell even deeper in love when you both became parents.  You watched him become an awesome dad and then you knew, TRULY KNEW, that he was the love of your life.

But now, all you have left is a gaping wound of a heart. The little shack you call home was once filled with so much laughter and joy that you never gave a thought to the fact you were “poor”, because you were rich with love. You lost the love of your life too soon! And now you’re in danger of losing your son, or your own life, too.

The famine just keeps getting worse. Nothing grows.  You have no money left and nothing else of any value that you could sell or trade for food.  That’s why you’ve been starving yourself to keep your munchkin’s tummy full.  How will you break the news to him? How will you explain that there’s nothing left? When his belly rumbles, what will you say?


Let’s break here—– y’all, I could just cry! 😭 This story breaks my heart and it hasn’t even started yet!

#1- I couldn’t imagine becoming a widow, it makes my stomach churn just trying to consider how it possibly could be.  God definitely gives grace to those that face this tragedy!

#2- A famine!! A REAL, authentic famine! We don’t even know a smidgeon of what that would be like.  Gee, if we can’t hit fast food once a week, then my kids think we are in a famine.  No lie, there have been times that we’ve been broke and grumbled while we ate our beans, mac-n-cheese, and sandwiches. But….let’s face it: that’s definitely nowhere near a famine! We still had food in the cabinets and family with fully stocked kitchens nearby.  This lady had NOTHING like that! She literally had a handful of meal & a teeny bit of oil left. That’s it! We’d be hitting the streets to beg nowadays before we got to this point.  She couldn’t even “panhandle”!  There was no one to bum anything from. Everyone was starving! Nobody had food!

What lesson can we learn from this ❓

Everything “bad” that happens isn’t necessarily a punishment, or because we are out of God’s will. Sometimes, it’s just our providence, our “lot” in life, if you will. This woman didn’t bring any of these circumstances upon herself.  She was living her life, in God’s will.  She married the “right” man that God had sent for her. They lived in the “right” place, bought the “right” house.  God gave them a son, and they raised him “right”. Now, I’m not saying she’s perfect either. She’d sinned in her life, just like we ALL have.  No one but Christ is perfect, and she was definitely not an exception.  But….we can’t say that anything that happened to her was because of any sin she had committed.

How do we know any of this❓

Because in I Kings 17:8-12 the Bible tells us that the Lord told Elijah to get to Zarephath because God had “commanded a widow woman there to sustain” him.

So….God had put this woman there in Zarephath. God had allowed her to become a widow. God had provided for her & her son up until now so that she could be there to sustain Elijah. Now, I know God really does all the “sustaining”, but here He does it through this poor widow woman who has nothing.  He’s placed her in this specific place. He gave her just enough meal & oil to last until Elijah made it to her.  Think about that 🤔…… God’s plan for her life leads to her giving Elijah her “last meal”.  God knew it would be all that she had left.  He wants her to give it all to Him and He knows that she will.


So here’s our take away:

Our circumstances, however tragic they may seem, may just be providence.  Let’s stop trying find “blame” or trying to explain away all the “bad” things that happen.  If we know we are following God’s will and living by His word, then let’s just embrace the life He has chosen for us.  His purpose for our life, our “reason” for living, may not be glamorous. It may be rough, poor, sad, or even “tragic” by worldly standards, but it doesn’t make us any less of a Christian.  We can still be a spiritual “giant” no matter if we’re poor, uneducated, rich, alone, or well-loved.


Live your life-the one God gave you-and embrace the “bad” along with the good.  Be willing to give God ALL that you have! If she is willing to trust God with her last meal, then surely we can trust Him too!  Know that God hasn’t brought you here by chance.  Your exactly where you are in life, because He put you there! He has a plan for you!



Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers:

I’m a busy, tired, weary Walmart shopper. 🛒 The Mom whose kids are being rambunctious.🤯  The lady trying to stick to her shopping list and resist buying that candy bar, 🍫or another $5 DVD, 🔖or maybe just a small toy to keep these wild kiddos cool til I can get back out to the car. 🚘

The one whose frustrated standing in the forever long checkout line—-because ya know, Walmart can’t open more than 2 lanes at a time (it’s policy😉)—😂. That me! 🙋

I shouldn’t look frustrated by all that, but I do.  I’m human! I’m a Mom!👩‍👦‍👦 I’m tired!😴I’m stressed! 😩 I face these same problems that every other Mom faces.

You know—you face them too! 👉 On some days, you’d probably give the Easter Bunny 🐰 a back massage if he could get your kids to behave long enough for you to get the bags in the car and get home.🏡

It was while I was this ⬆️⬆️⬆️ woman in Walmart the other day that the thought occurred to me:
How do these people do this everyday without Jesus❓
Can they tell by looking at me that I have Jesus in my heart 💜❓
Am I showing that I have the joy and peace that all these people are searching for❓

I’m afraid I’m failing greatly at that! See, I’m not judging Walmart shoppers—I am one, after all. 😉 (And this goes for any store, place, park, etc…. Just that it so happens I was @ Wally world🤷 when this thought occurred)  But, it’s pretty evident that the majority of our current population-➡️yes, here in the “Bible Belt”📕⬅️- aren’t believers.  90% of the people I was shopping with looked like walking bodies with only hurt and longing inside.  I probably looked just like them though🤦. And that’s what bothers me!

See, I am in some ways just like all these people! BUT….I’m also different! I face the same troubles and daily woes, BUT I have the Almighty in my corner! I have a Best Friend who loves me so much He DIED for me!😮

He did it for ➡️ me!⬅️
So, when I think about how messy my life looks, I wonder why in the world would He have died for ME❓ He knew I would fail Him. He knew I’d be the crazy chicken lady in muddy boots pushing a buggy full of boys through the feminine products aisle in Walmart……and YET—-He loved me anyway!

Why am I telling you this❓ Because I want you to know that you are NOT alone! Jesus died for you too!✝️😍 Even if you’re a hot mess Mom who doesn’t feel like trudging through the rain☔ to Walmart with three munchkins in tow, Jesus will go with you too! And even though I do a horrible job of showing that it’s a WHOLE LOT BETTER to go through it WITH Him, it really is!!!!🙌 I couldn’t imagine having to face life without Him.

His love isn’t based on our merit. It doesn’t matter how “good” or “bad” you are- (or how well your kids behave in Walmart) He died for you already and we ALL will have to accept or deny Him. Why not go ahead and meet Him now ❓ That way He can help you through this wild life!

Life isn’t easy! You know that! I know that! Even our kids know that!😵 (Since theyre throwing a tantrum right now because we wouldn’t let them lick the toilet paper holder🤢). Let the Lord into your life.

Let’s put it this way, since we’re all Walmart shoppers: If Walmart was giving away free stuff👀- you’d be wrestling them babies through a blizzard 💫to make it down to aisle 5 to get all you could get your hands on!

Jesus is doing just that! His blood is FREE! Salvation is FREE!💟 AND——– You don’t have to wrestle toddlers through a hailstorm wearing mismatched flip-flops to claim it!🤭 Just repent and accept Him.  That’s all He’s waiting for.

Christians: I know life’s tough-but let’s stop acting like it.  Let’s start living like light of the world that He called us to be.  Wipe those frowns off your frustrations 🙁 and slap a smile on your salvation😃!  “This is the day the Lord hath made….”

Consider the Ant

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:
Proverbs 6:6 KJV

This verse was brought to my attention this week by a sweet student. I can’t help but admit that the more I think it over, the more it convicts me of my laziness. At the time, the student and I were discussing how it doesn’t necessarily sound like a Bible verse. I mean, if you just saw the verse written on someone’s Facebook wall then you’d probably think it was a saying or quote of some sort. We determined that God gave us all of Creation, to live off of, and so what better thing is there for Him to use to teach us, but Creation? So my friends, consider the ant…..

  • Tiny insects (0.2cm-2.5cm)

The ant is one of the smallest creatures, has no real strength of it’s own. How easy is it to squash an ant? Just one small touch of a finger delivers a death blow. However, science and the Bible tells us she is wise. And they’re alive in great numbers today because of that. They inhabit every continent except Antarctica (kind of funny-“ant”arctica has no ants).

So what can we learn from a tiny little ant?

Despite their size, they keep on working. They don’t lay around and feel sorry for themselves. They get out and get to work, day after day. Are we out there working for the Lord every single day? Or serving ourselves? One ant alone can carry a piece of food that is 100 times their size!!!!!!! Wow! And we whine and give up when the Lord gives us just one small burden to carry. What if we had one that was 100 times that size? Would we march on or just sit down in a pity party? I know I would no doubt give up. I fail the Lord in this way more times than I please Him. May He help us all to be more faithful and steadfast to do His work, no matter how huge a burden it may be. He tells us He will not tempt us above what we are able (1 Corinthians 10:13). So whatever He is leading us to, He will help us to bear it.

More than all of that, if we are willing to do His work, are we willing to help our friends with their work too? We should bear one another’s burdens (Galatians 6:2). Ever seen a group of ants carrying a potato chip away from a picnic table? Well, my friends, we need to get to carrying those chips together!