I Can Almost See the Lights…

On our way home from Jonesborough Saturday night, we came around the road that overlooks Erwin, a small little town.  It was all lit up of course and I must admit was really pretty from our view.  Brantyn, now 6, exclaimed, “Wow! Mom that’s beautiful!”.  It was, of course, but it’s such a small town and I’ve seen so many other larger, gorgeous places lit up at night. Chattanooga, TN is one that comes to mind although it isn’t as large as some.  What came to my mind though was the old song that starts,

“I can almost see the lights of that City.
I see them gathering all around the Great White Throne.
Through Faith in my Saviour, and His wonderful love,
I can almost see the lights of home.”

See, Brantyn had his eyes open to see the beauty of what I and others wouldn’t have given a second thought. Just as spiritually, we should be watching, waiting and longing to catch the first glimpse of the lights from our home, that heavenly city. To so many others in this life, there’s no city to be watching for.  There’s no excitement to see the lights from heaven or even to realize how near we are to that day.  Now more than ever, our eyes should be open wide to see the light.  The Bible says that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5).  We should be walking in the light and looking to Him.
Just as the lights shine so beautifully and brightly in the darkness of night, we should be shining as a light to a lost, dying and dark world.  So next time your traveling after dark, pay attention to the beauty of the lights.  Then take it to heart and make an effort in your spiritual life to shine brighter than ever, always watching for the lights from home.


2 thoughts on “I Can Almost See the Lights…

  1. Great word of exhortation! Simple and sweet! Thank you so much for reading and following holdingforthhisword. May Christ’s abundant blessings be yours and be upon your family as you follow Him in loving devotion. Amen!

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