“BEEEP! BEEEEP! BEEEEEEEP!”  It’s 6AM and I just want a few more minutes of sleep.  I know that if I don’t get up and start getting ready that I will be late but I convince myself that just a few more minutes of sleep won’t hurt.  I can do everything a little faster and still have time.  Then I snooze.   Since I’m still tired and the snooze is only set for five minutes anyway, I hit it one more time.  Then I force myself out of bed, and so begins the hectic morning rush.  I get my kids out of bed and tell them how they should hurry because we are going to be late.  We all fuss and pick at each other because of course we’re not morning people.  And ten minutes after we should be out the door, I’m finally packing lunches and putting on shoes.  I speed over to the babysitters and run my youngest in with no time for anything but a quick hug and “Bye, I love you.”.  Then we barely make it to the school on time and pull in just one minute before 8AM.

This narrative applies to every weekday of my life here lately.  It’s pretty pathetic, I know.  What I’ve come to realize is that it’s my fault.  No blame can be put on anyone else and if I want a change to be made, I will have to resist hitting the snooze button.  I have also realized that I’ve been snoozing away in several areas of my life, not just the “sleep department”.  Spiritually, I snooze everyday too.  To be honest, every morning this past week I have woke up on my own before my alarm sounded.  But every time, I chose to go back to sleep instead of just getting up ten minutes early, and then I still snoozed at least once.  God convicted my heart about this.  If I desired to be close to Him like I should be, then I wouldn’t mind to wake up and read my Bible or pray in the morning before starting my day.  Instead, I’m snoozing on God’s will for my life.  He desires me to be closer to Him but I am choosing to remain in bed and sleep.

In our spiritual lives, we must wake up and stop hitting the snooze button.  The world is nearing to the end, the last days are upon us and we cannot “hit snooze” anymore.  We are being given an opportunity to witness to our lost loved ones and live a spirit-filled life for the Lord every day that He allows us to wake up.  Let’s take advantage of the opportunity.  Give thanks to God for his daily blessings, and surrender our lives for His service.  If we do not get “out of bed” soon and start praying, studying and living for Him the way that He desires, it will soon be too late.  As I convince myself each morning that just one more snooze won’t hurt but then end up being late, in a bad mood, and overall letting my family down by instilling these bad habits in my children, I must also realize that these effects are also occurring in my spiritual life each time I snooze.  I am in danger of becoming an “ill Christian” who is always late or absent in my prayer closet because I put that last.  My children and those around me will also realize that I am not as joyful and praise to God will not be continually flowing from my heart and mouth as it should be.  So my challenge is this:  No more snoozing, physically or spiritually!  I challenge you as well to set aside an extra time in your day to make a serious effort to improve your relationship with the Saviour.  Just ten minutes extra per day in God’s word or in the prayer closet can make a difference in our lives and also those around us.  Let’s wake up!


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