Is Your “Nail Polish” Too Dark?


I love nail polish, but my relationship with it waxes and wanes over time.  I’ll constantly be painting them daily for a month then I won’t even touch it for the next two.  So right now, I’m loving nail polish (but don’t ask me how I feel about it next week).  I wore a rather dark purple yesterday, and when I removed it last night my nails were pretty disgusting.  It was amazing how much under-the-fingernail dirt had been hidden by that purple polish.  It made me think, if my my spiritual walk with God were a fingernail, am I just painting dark polish over it?  Or could I wear clear and not be ashamed?
I would have been embarrassed to the core if my nasty nails would have been revealed to anyone, and I was so thankful that my polish had kept them hidden.  Sometimes our spiritual lives and relationship with God gets in pretty nasty shape too.  We all have sin in our lives, and we shouldn’t try to hide it.  We should get out the nail polish remover, clippers and file and start cleaning up our “nails”.  Just realize what it is we are doing wrong, whether it is neglecting our prayer or study time, failing to do God’s will, or letting “pet sins” make their home under our “fingernails”.  Then we should get busy confessing it to God (removing the polish), and start living a “clean” life that God can get glory from.  Our lives should be as such that we have nothing to hide, from the Lord or anyone else.  After all, the Lord sees it all anyway and nothing can be hidden so we shouldn’t fool ourselves.  Now if we are aware of these “blemishes in our nails” (sin in our life), we should never just try to pick out a dark color to cover them up (keep our sins hidden).  Let our daily color decision be made after we search our hearts and make sure that if we wore clear polish that no shame would be brought on us.  Let’s not hide the dirt under our nails or the stains on our nails with dark polish, let’s just clean them up!

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14


I Want My Lord To Be Satisfied With Me

We all have those memories of really good church services where certain testimonies make an impression so deep on our lives that we could never erase them.  For me, one of those memories has been coming to mind quite often lately.  It was several years ago during a service where the Holy Ghost just “kicked the honey keg over” so to speak.  There was an elderly woman that sat near the back, wearing old worn out clothes and looking very tired from her walk to church.  Yes, this woman walked!  She was poor by this world’s standards and had to walk wherever she went.  For those of you who don’t know where I live, this is a rural area in the mountains.  No sidewalks or taxis and everything is spread out for miles.  She lived a couple miles from our church and I have seen her walking to and from town several times before and since carrying her lone grocery bag of necessities.  As she sat towards the back of the church that night, God began to move on people to testify.  I know several had shared their testimony but not a single one can I recall to my memory, except hers.  She stood, very humbly, and began to sing in a very rough, crackly voice “I Want  My Lord To Be Satisfied With Me”.  The Holy Ghost started filling my soul as she sang.  Her voice wasn’t exactly the most gorgeous or even in tune, but it was the most beautiful song I have ever heard!  She was singing truly from her heart.  She knew the Lord and was singing for Him, without shame or embarrassment.  I believe she had been living her daily life truly wanting the Lord to be satisfied with her.
Think for a moment: she was very poor, probably poorer than most of us will ever be.  She didn’t have on some nice church outfit with matching earrings and heels, she was wearing what she had and that just happened to be a worn out denim skirt and a plain blouse.  She didn’t have any transportation other than her own two legs.  And yet she still wanted the Lord to be satisfied  with her.  In our society, satisfaction is hard to come by.  Nobody is satisfied with anything at all.  We are especially dissatisfied when we don’t have the newest vehicles to drive, nicest clothes available and all the technology and accessories that are so common.  You just don’t fit in of you aren’t up to speed with the new devices.  But this woman truly understood what life was about!  We shouldn’t be concerned at all with any of the material things available, we should only take thought of the spiritual things that we can attain.  That’s what the Lord will be satisfied with.  He doesn’t care one little iota about our new shoes, diamond necklace, leather seats, or shiny wheels.  He cares about our souls condition, our fellowship with Him, our prayer life, our witness and testimony to those around us.  Are we hindering our own capability to serve the Lord by being distracted and concerned with the things of this world?  This woman had very little here on earth but if she was living her daily life to be satisfying to the Lord then she will have many many treasures in heaven.
How much easier should it be for all of us to live a life that is satisfying unto the Lord?  If a woman who lives without so much can strive and desire to live her life for Lord, then why can’t we?  Are we too afraid that we may have to give up one of our prized treasures so that we can have the satisfying life the Lord desires for us?  I know it’s very hard for me to stay committed to my prayer life and study time because my flesh would rather be spending the time playing on my smartphone.  I’ve had to delete certain apps off my phone on several occasions because I had let them become an obsession and God would show me that the time I was spending using them was His time not mine.  I very easily get distracted and consumed by the things of this life and I’m the first to admit that it’s not easy to be satisfying unto the Lord.  We should truly desire to live a life that’s without sin and have a close walk with God.  We are going to fail, we will sin daily, we will faint, but we have to keep trying.  The desire of this poor woman has made me realize how poor I am spiritually.  Do I truly desire the Lord to be satisfied with me?  Will I live my life so that He can be satisfied with me?

One glorious day Jesus came and made me whole. He so completely then satisfied my soul. Now as I face life’s dark troubled stormy sea. I wonder if He is satisfied with me.

I want my Lord to be satisfied with me. I want my life to be what He’d have it be. And when I come to that great eternity, His smile will say He is satisfied with me.

I’m satisfied with God’s great redemption plan I’m satisfied it’s sufficient for all man.  I’m satisfied with His work on Calvary. But is my Lord fully satisfied with me.

I want my Lord to be satisfied with me. I want my life to be what He’d have it be. And when I come to that great eternity, His smile will say He is satisfied with me.

Lord give me strength, give me courage, make me bold. That I may lead some lost sheep into the fold. That I might stand unafraid to move for thee. That you might be fully satisfied with me.

I want my Lord to be satisfied with me. I want my life to be what He’d have it be. And when I come to that great eternity, His smile will say He is satisfied with me.

Flat Tire this Morning….Praise God!

I left my house this morning, running late as usual, just to discover I had a flat tire.  No fun!  I was discouraged and started feeling sorry for myself because of course when something “bad” happens you automatically begin thinking the whole world is working against you and if anything else could ruin your day it will surely happen too!  I was pretty defeated before the flat tire anyway.  The last couple weeks it seemed I could only see all the “bad” happening around me, my housework piling up, finances not looking good, tricky child-care situations, misbehaving rambunctious kids and overall stressful occurrences of life. I was definitely feeling like I couldn’t take one more “bad” thing, then a flat tire!  Bummer.

So there I sat at the end of my driveway waiting on my wonderful husband to come to my rescue with the air compressor.  Then it hit me! I hadn’t given God any of my time.  I hadn’t read my bible or even prayed because I was in so much of a hurry to get the boys ready and get out the door.  So since I didn’t have my bible with me, I searched on my phone “KJV daily verse”.    The first one on the list was Psalm 118.

O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.

O how guilty I felt!  The Lord is good, and I hadn’t even so much as thanked him that I woke up this morning, or that I was breathing, or for my children’s health, or for the fact that we had food to eat for breakfast.  Much less had I thanked God that I had a job to go to or that my son can go to school, or that I had a car to drive even if it did have a flat tire at the moment.  Furthermore, I should have thanked God that I had a husband who would take care of my flat tire so that I didn’t have to get down in the wet grass and dirt in my nice dressy outfit.  Better yet, when I picked out my matching (brand new, even) outfit I hadn’t even managed to utter a word of thanks to God for my closet full of clothes.  How overwhelmed with thankfulness I was.

I kept on reading to find in verse #5-6:

I called upon the Lord in distress: the Lord answered me, and set me in a large place.

The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

Wow!  I had been pouring out my troubles to God for the past week or so, telling Him how defeated I was feeling.  I was concerned over my job, my finances, my duties as a wife and mother and just felt like I had been failing miserably at everything I was responsible for doing.  Here my Lord was working in my life, answering my distress call by the way of a flat tire!  Who would have ever thought?  So my situation in all of my problems hadn’t changed at all physically, but spiritually they were altogether different.  I realized that God was in control of all my “problems” and He would take care of me as long as I would stay “on His side”.   Why should I fear? Why should I worry?  I am the Lord’s and He is mine, He heard my cry and answered me.  With God, He can change your whole outlook on your situation, give you peace during your heartaches and trials, and you will see that your situation really isn’t “bad” after all.  When God saves us, we are His for eternity.  So when times are tough, or when you’re facing the impossible, remember that God is in control and He is on our side.  Whom shall we fear?  God will keep us for eternity and no man can remove us from Him.

Although, my heart was overflowing, I continued reading,

23 This is the Lord‘s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

I’ve determined in my heart that my flat tire this morning was marvelous!  That’s because it was my Lord’s doing and everything He does is marvelous.  He gave me this day and He gave me a flat tire and I am going to rejoice all day and thank the Lord for it!  Because of my flat tire, I got a moment alone with God and He revealed to me how my situation was different from what I had perceived.  He gave me just the scripture I needed and convicted my heart for not giving Him the thanks and praise that He deserves.  So today, I am going to praise the Lord.  In everything.  All day.  Because sometimes He has to use a flat tire to get my attention and honestly, that’s pretty pathetic.  I should have been praising and thanking Him already.

Please read all of Psalm 118!  You won’t regret it!

To read online, click here: Psalm 118