Just Follow HIM

On a hot summer day, out in the field, a father is plowing the ground with his team of horses.  In the freshly plowed dirt, his footprints make quite the impression.  His young son follows right behind him, stepping one small foot into each bootprint as soon as the father picks up his foot.  From across the field you can see the horses and the father behind the plow, but the young boy is completely hidden.  You could be sure that there isn’t anyone else in that field except the plowman.  

I heard this story from a preacher on the radio as we were coming home today.  The sermon was on Matthew 4:19-Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men”. I don’t recall the preacher’s name but his message has stuck with me all day long.  We should be following Christ so closely that only He can be seen, nothing of ourselves.  If we truly desire to walk in His path, then we should be right on His heels without any hesitation.  When we hesitate or lag behind, we risk letting some of ourselves be seen instead of Jesus Christ.  We should be willing to do everything in our lives so that He will get ALL the honor and glory for it. 
Just follow Him.

Especially in modern times, the majority of so-called “Christians” have no desire to actually follow the Lord.  Of the Christians who do choose to follow Him, the greatest danger is lagging behind.  If the young boy would have been three steps behind his father, he would have been seen from across the field.  He still would have been following in the right steps, but not at the right time.  When God shows us the way He is leading us, we shouldn’t hesitate. We shouldn’t reason it all out, or waste any time getting to it.
Just follow Him. 

Some Christians desire something of themselves to be seen.  We are all guilty of it at times, whether we admit it or not.  There are even occasions when we may do something for the Lord but then get upset when no one notices or acknowledges it.  Admit it, you’ve felt that way before too.  These are times when we have stayed back, just a step or so, just hoping to be noticed without it being obvious that we are trying to get some of the glory for ourselves. 
Just follow Him.

The father in this illustration must not be overlooked.  He is plowing the way through the field.  He has the horses by the reigns and is making each footprint in the freshly plowed dirt.  Jesus Christ came to earth to make a way for all to be saved if they would accept Him.  He took flesh “by the reins” and lived a perfect life of spreading the gospel.  Just as the farmer is preparing his ground, Jesus Christ prepares each heart to receive His word.  Some accept and some do not, but our job is to follow Christ and witness to those whose hearts he has prepared.  Those in our plowed field are the souls we must win for the Lord.  All the while, living so that nothing of ourselves may be seen but that only Christ will be seen through our lives. 

Just follow Him.

Thank you to the preacher who shared this story in his message on the radio Saturday morning. 


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