My Love Story

As a little girl I dreamed often of my wedding, a big white dress and colorful flowers. By high school, I had planned out my future home.  I’d drawn it out even.  I’d live in a big gorgeous farmhouse with a wrap around porch where I’d cook all our meals and ring a big dinner bell to call my family in to eat.  The house would sit on rolling fields of pasture where cattle, horses and sheep would graze. There’d be a fishing pond down by the road, where ducks would splash and swim and my kids would throw rocks.  Chickens would run wild all over the yard and my toddlers would chase them for hours.  I had the landscape mapped out and fruit trees would be everywhere.  I’d even named my twelve children on the back of the house plans, first and middle names for six boys and six girls. (Yes, twelve kids? I was crazy!) The only mystery was what our last name would be.  I’d wonder if I would become a teacher and what my students would call me.  Mrs. Robinson?  Mrs. Silvers?  Mrs. Browning?  I’d sit in class and think about the boys I knew and how it would be if they were the one I ended up marrying.  Little did I know that I had already met my soulmate and he was definitely one of the least likely candidates, or so I thought.  My friends had major crushes on him and used me as the go between passing notes most of the time.  He even sat behind me in band class where he blared his saxophone in my ears for an hour everyday.  I recall telling my friends over and over that I would never date him and that I didn’t know what in the world they liked him for.  He was so annoying!
He graduated a few years ahead of me, so he was already working, had two trucks and was turning into quite the handsome Christian man every woman should dream of having.   He had been praying for God to send the woman he was supposed to marry into his life.  Then I stumbled in.
My best friend wanted me to go to church with her to meet Evan.  I wasn’t crazy about it since I knew I didn’t like him but God had started dealing with my heart about going to church so I went.  Of course, she had to sit right behind where Evan would sit.  I saw Evan singing in the choir and knew immediately that something was very different about him.  Could he really be the same boy from high school?  After church, I went out to eat with my friend and her family, who had also invited Evan.  They suckered us into sitting beside each other and we flirted a little while we ate.  After the meal he asked me to go four-wheeling with him.  (For those of you unfamiliar with that term, four-wheeling is when you go off-road in a truck or ATV, in our case a jacked up Toyota with giant mud tires).  He scared me to death a few times with his crazy driving but I didn’t dare let on to him that I was scared since he would’ve taken advantage of it.  We went for milkshakes and back to church that night where I sat beside him instead of behind him.  We’d hit it off and spent the rest of the day together, and the next day, and every day after that for months.  We were crazy about each other!
I’d been going to church with Evan every service for a few weeks and God had shown me that I was a lost sinner.  I’d been raised in church and thought that I had gotten saved when I was ten years old.  I truly believed that I was saved until God began to convict my heart and proved to me otherwise.  One Sunday night during service, my heart was about to beat out of my chest.  I didn’t think I could take it another minute!  I knew God was calling my name, beckoning for me to come to Him.  I don’t know what the preacher said that night, don’t know any songs that were sung but I know that I knelt in the altar on burgundy carpet on the left side of the pulpit while the pianist was playing “Just As I Am”.  I don’t remember everything that I said but I know that I told the Lord how sorry I was for how I was living and that I knew I needed him to save my soul. I prayed and prayed and when Jesus saved me I felt a peace come over me in that instant.  My heart slowed back down to normal, my breathing eased and I was confident that God had saved my poor, undeserving soul.   I no longer had to live in doubt of my salvation, didn’t have to worry about going to Hell if I died.  I was a child of the King now!
Not only had God saved me, but he had given me a wonderful man to marry and a church full of people who would become my family.  I thank God for turning my life around, saving the wretched sinner I was, and giving me more than I ever could have dreamed of!  I don’t have that gorgeous farmhouse or 100 acres.  I don’t have a pond or ducks, horses, cows and sheep.  I don’t have twelve kids and the two I have don’t even have any of the names I had picked out.  Our house isn’t landscaped with flowering fruit trees and I am not a teacher.  Instead I am married to my best friend.  We have two little boys who are just like us.  We have an old fixer upper house that we’ve made our home. We grow a garden and drive ordinary vehicles and our boys love every minute of it.  God works in our lives in the most amazing ways.  When God saved me, I realized my life had been changing and I hadn’t even realized it.  God’s made my dreams come true, dreams I didn’t even know I had, like dancing on the porch in the rain with the love of your life.  Praying with your family every night before bed.  Having your best friend by your side and being able to talk about anything and pray about everything together.  Having a church family that’s as close as real family.  And getting to be in love with your soulmate and show your children the relationship they can have if they wait on the Lord to send them the right person.  Thank you Lord for my love story, and most importantly the greatest love story of all, Jesus Christ!


One thought on “My Love Story

  1. I am so thankful for your testimony. You are an answer to our prayers( Grandma and I). God has made you a beautiful family and I can’t wait to watch and see His further blessings and ministries through your lives. PTL!

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