Don’t Waste His Blood

I try to be pretty frugal.  I hate to waste money and it irritates me to the core if something is overpriced.  When shopping, I look for the cheapest option available for the items I need.  I also try to use everything as long as possible so that nothing is wasted.  We live in a society that really pushes recycling, green living and reusing to reduce waste.  Yet in this same society, no thought is given to the fact that Jesus’ blood is being “wasted” every single day.  People are denying him daily.  Have you ever given any thought to the fact that Jesus died for ALL of our sins.  For EVERY single sin that would ever be committed, from Adam & Eve taking the first bite of the apple to each lie we let slip and on to every horrific murder or crime committed, JESUS took the punishment for it.  He took upon himself the torture, cruelty, lashings, piercings, shame, pain and ultimately death that we deserved to endure for our sins.  ALL of man has equal opportunity to be saved because Jesus paid for our sins with His life.  Praise be to the Lord!  Every drop of Jesus’ blood was given so that it could be applied to the hearts of those that would come to accept him as their personal Saviour.  So all sin that ANYONE would ever commit has been paid for by his blood, but many will NEVER accept it.  They will choose to deny Christ and they will spend an eternity burning because they “wasted” Christ’s blood.

Now think for just a minute about how it feels when you buy something for someone.  You’ve worked so hard to earn the money to pay for just the right gift.  You give it to them and they never use it, never wear it, or don’t take care of it.  Or consider a scenario where you help someone out.  Let’s say you go out of your way or change your busy schedule just to accommodate someone else.  You watch their child on a day that you really have way too much to do already or when you aren’t feeling very well.  Or you run an errand for them just to have them not even appreciate it.  When someone fails to acknowledge or appreciate our hard work or our time and money it really disappoints us.  We get very upset and discouraged.  Imagine now how Jesus feels when someone refuses to accept His sacrifice. He paid the ultimate sacrifice while knowing that some would never accept it. If you knew that your kind act or gift wouldn’t be appreciated or used, would you do it anyway? Would you pay the price? Jesus knew who would deny Him, yet He shed His own precious blood for every single sin that EACH and EVERY person would ever commit! What love! Truly a love like no other!


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