Make Your Request Known


“Mommy, can I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?”  “Momma, get me some milk!” “Chips, Momma, chips!”  “MOM! I can’t find any socks!”   Sounds like any given moment in my house.  With two boys, somebody is always needing something and it’s usually food.  Standing in my kitchen last week, the Lord “showed up” and visited me for a while.  I realized then, that my boys are making their request known to me just like we, as Christians, should make our requests known unto our Father.  Sometimes, I have a meal planned and prepared and nobody has to ask for it.  Other times, I just fix little things upon request because I don’t have a meal planned, because one of us has already ate, or because we are in a hurry to go somewhere.  On those nights, when it’s by request, you would go hungry if you didn’t speak up and let me know what you want.  Spiritually, God does the same for us.  There are times when He pours out His blessings on us, fills us up with His presence and feeds us through His word when we haven’t asked him to.  We are never worthy of it and could never do anything to deserve it, but those times are special when He visits us when we least expect it and when we haven’t been asking for it.  Other times, we may be going through a dry spell, longing to hear from heaven and we have to spend a lot of time on our knees begging and pleading with God to work in our lives.  We have to make our requests known unto God, so that He will answer.  Yes, He is all-knowing and omnipresent and He knows our thoughts and actions before we even do them, but I know in His word He teaches us to “seek Him”.  God may be waiting for you to ask.  I love my family, and I usually know when they are going to be hungry, but sometimes I just wait until they ask for it before I go in the kitchen to fix it.  That doesn’t mean I love them any less or that I wasn’t planning to feed them at some point.  God loves us and He will provide our needs but He desires us to seek Him and make our request known unto Him.

When my kids ask me for things it makes me feel good that they come to me for it.  I’ll admit though, I’m human and it does get on my nerves at times.  We will never get on our Heavenly Father’s nerves asking Him for things.  It pleases Him for us to rely on Him and glorify Him by admitting that we are nothing of ourselves and cannot do anything for ourselves.  He alone is our Help, our Rock, our Provider.  So, next time you’re getting a little agitated by the many, many requests from your little ones, remember to get on your knees and make some requests of your own to your Father!


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