Home (Silas’ Story Part 4)

After a couple weeks in the NICU, we were beyond exhausted and so ready to go home.  Silas had been miraculously improving daily.  His first EEG was abnormal (obviously) and showed much cause for concern.  The seizure activity that followed caused even more concern from the neurologists.  Now, two weeks later, Silas had an EEG done that was unremarkable, completely normal! The hole in his heart had healed, and now he only had a murmur that was more than likely unrelated to his traumatic event. His other organs seemed to be functioning normally as well. On the other hand, Silas was extremely fussy ALL the time. He would just cry for hours. Volunteers would hold him when we weren’t there, and even the nurses would sit with him a lot of the time. His primary nurse seemed to think Silas was finally feeling good enough to feel bad. They told us that his excessive crying could be an indication of some sort of handicap or mental/emotional issue that would arise later. But after we got home, he slept wonderful! He would cry at times but nothing like he did in the hospital. We joke now that he was just wanting to go home. When we were discharged, we had peace already that Silas would be completely normal. God had already answered many prayers and given us and several others the complete peace that comes when He assures you that your prayer was heard. During this time in our lives, our church family was exceptional! Our church had a special prayer meeting just for Silas, and most everyone had been visiting, calling, praying consistently. We knew we were loved. One instance in particular, a man in our church was out in the woods where he hunts and felt the urge to pray for Silas. He knelt at the foot of a tree, if I remember correctly, out in the middle of the woods and called out to heaven for Silas. To hear his testimony about that occasion, God really showed up and allowed him to really “pray through” for Silas. He had complete assurance after that prayer that Silas would be alright. This happened during the time that Silas was still very critical and doctors weren’t giving any predictions at all. God had already spoke peace to our hearts that no matter the outcome, He was in control and we would be perfectly fine. And now God was letting us and everyone around us know that Silas would be perfectly healthy. My aunt would text my phone almost the same day and say she had prayed and knew that Silas was going to be fine. Other friends and family texted and called with the same assurance, everything will be fine. God is going to heal him. I’m not talking about what is advertised by evangelists on TV, the “name it and claim it” or ” just have faith” kind of thing either. These were testimonies of the Holy God of Heaven manifesting Himself in each individuals prayer life and taking their burdens and answering their plea right at that moment in their hearts.
When we came home, I should have been overwhelmed by the amount of housework and grocery shipping that needed done. Instead, my house was in order thanks to my wonderful family and friends. Furthermore, our car AND truck were filled with canned foods and groceries from our church! Our church had given us an old-fashioned pounding. It was truly overwhelming! I didn’t have to even think about what to do for food for the next several months. Some things even lasted for a year! Words cannot describe how good and faithful our Lord was to us! He had given us peace that passed all understanding, finances from multiple unexpected sources during the whole ordeal, and now food to stock our shelves! Not to mention all the other needs that He met daily and unexpectedly. All of Silas’ follow up appointments were filled with amazement from the doctors and staff. He only required his first follow-up visit to each of the specialists and they were all astonished at his miraculous outcome and never even required another visit, except the cardiologist who still monitors him due to the hereditary heart condition my husband and other son have. The therapists were set up to come into our home for any needs in the future. After several sessions to evaluate his progress during his first year, he was discharged from them as well and never required therapy since after each evaluation he was actually exceeding what was expected for his age. One visit in particular at about 6-9 months, i was talking to his worker and looked over to see Silas literally hanging by his hands and trying to climb the side of his playpen from the outside. His worker just laughed and said she guessed that answered her evaluation questions for the day since they were like, “Does he sit up for more than a few minutes at a time on his own?” Or “Can he pull himself up stand while holding onto something?”. Now Silas is two and a half, full of energy and spunk with a personality and stubbornness truly unique. We’re all the time saying, “That’s Silas for ya!”, at the many crazy things he does and says. He’s already counting to about 15, talking in full sentences using words like “disgusting”. We thank the Lord everyday all His blessing in our lives and I hope Silas’ story will encourage you to entrust your life to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He is in control of your life whether you are aware of it or not, and your life can be so much more if you will accept Him as the Lord of your life and turn your whole life over to him.


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