I Know My Name

Hi! What’s Your Name?  Mine’s Leah.  At least that what my birth certificate says.  It’s what I’ve been called all my life.  The name given to me when I was born (well, probably before that).  We all have a name, some of us may change ours, but we have a name and we know what it is.  This is really about all that we know for sure, our name. Sure, we think we know a lot of things.  We think we know what we are going to do tomorrow, where we are going to work, what we will cook for supper, what our kids are up to.  But none of that could happen.  We are not in control and don’t really know any of it for sure. I recently saw a news article where a family had lived their whole lives, generation after generation, with the legacy that their great great grandfather was a military hero.  The President had decided to honor his heroism decades after his death and present the award to the family.  But the “family”got a call from the state department and found out they were of no blood relation at all to the man.  They’d lived their whole lives, taught their grandkids how heroic they should be because of their grandfather.  Some of the men had even served in the military themselves because of their legacy.  And now they find out their not even related.

I say all of this to say that there are many uncertainties in life but there is one thing that we can absolutely know beyond a shadow of a doubt: if our name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  I do know my name is there!  It was written there when the blood was applied to my heart.  My Father keeps His record book, nothing can change it.  No one can erase it. It’s there forevermore. The song “There is A Record Book” has been on my heart for the past month or so.  Stuck in my head, first thing that comes to mind when I wake up.  God has made me completely assured that there is a record book, and my name is in it, no doubt about it.  I may never be known as important or even as anyone special in life.  I’m not a celebrity.  I will not be honored when I die as a military hero. But I am a child of God!   I know this because I remember when my name was written in His record book.   I can’t remember when I was born. My parents told me all the details but really, I don’t remember it.  For all I know I could be adopted. (Probably not, but then again how would I know?)  I do however, remember when I was born again.

I had claimed to have gotten saved when I was only 10 years old, even got baptized.  But when I was 18, I had started going to church again.  I thought I was okay.   Then God started to convict my heart and show me that I was lost.  I had never felt so bad in my life!  My heart beat so hard and fast I thought it would literally burst.  I was so sick to my stomach I couldn’t stand it.  I knew how wicked I was, how sinful.  And I knew that I deserved to be in hell.  I knelt on the left side of the altar on burgundy carpet and it was there I prayed and God heard me for the first time.  I felt his peace comfort me as he forgave my sins.  I was now a sinner saved, His child.  That was the moment I knew my name had been written.   It was a Sunday night, and although I don’t remember the exact date, I will never forget that exact moment. Our name being written there is the only thing that will ever matter in our lives.

  Is your name there? 


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