Drifting Too Far

We’ve all heard the song “Drifting Too Far From the Shore”.  It becomes familiar and we fail to pay attention to the words.  I was reminded of it when we went down to the river one afternoon.  It was during a particularly low time in my life when I was feeling lonely and burdened with life in general.  (Admit it.  You’ve been there too.) I had also been slacking off on my prayer time, hadn’t really been reading the Bible and my relationship with God had suffered.

So, we all four and our dog got in the water to play around. Evan took Silas out with him and I stayed close to shore with the dog and Brantyn.  Neither of them could swim.  Slowly Brantyn started getting further and further away, deeper and deeper.  He got about waist deep and I started to go get him since he wasn’t listening to me when I told him to come back.  I’d forgotten that the dog was on a leash and couldn’t stand up there, so she was bobbing and panicking.  I turned around to grab her and then heard Brantyn splashing.  I spun back around to see him bobbing as well. He had gone too far, stepped off a rock I think, and couldn’t stand up.  He thought he was drowning.  I let the dog’s leash go and got Brantyn back to shore.  They were both completely fine once they calmed down.  God smote my heart and let me know that I too was drifting too far.  Brantyn was having fun with no fear of drowning, until it was too late.  Although my life at the time didn’t seem too fun, I was putting everything else ahead of God.  I wasn’t paying attention to His warnings to come back to shore, just as Brantyn ignored mine.  When I asked Brantyn why he didn’t turn around, he said he couldn’t because the current was pushing him out further.  How true this is spiritually!  When we start drifting, we don’t realize it.  Then before you know it, the world and its devices starts pulling you further away from God.  Then it takes a LOT more effort and willpower to get back to shore than it took to drift away. Thank The Lord for giving us warnings when we stray, and praise His name that He rescues us even when we begin to drown.


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