The Flock of Birds

One evening I was driving home from work when I noticed a huge flock of birds flying above a field.  It was breathtaking!  So gorgeous how the flock was flying together morphing from one shape and pattern to another, so fluid-like.  I was intrigued so I watched them as I drove.  I saw a much larger bird, “the enemy”, flying ever so high above them.  It went unnoticed for a while then started to swoop down towards the flock.  The flock would fly faster away from it, changing its shape all the while but always staying together.  God brought it to my heart that this flock of birds represents the church, all of the redeemed as a whole as well as the local assembly.  The “enemy” of course is our adversary, the devil.  These little birds were no match for the enemy alone, but in their great number they found safety.  The church should fly together in the same direction, always encouraging each other and watching out for each other to assure no one goes astray.  The “enemy” is watching to prey on that one that strays from the flock.  I’m sure some of the birds were young, some old, some strong and some weak.  The strong birds didn’t fly off faster than the  weaker ones could fly, just as we shouldn’t push aside the spiritually “weaker” brothers and sisters in our church.  We can’t stand against the “enemy” alone, we have to rely on each other.  I could imagine their little chirps now. “Come on, keep flying!” “You can do it!” “Just a little further!”  The “enemy” didn’t just leave them alone the first time he failed, he kept trying and trying again.  He stayed nearby just watching and waiting for his chance to attack or devour a stray bird.

Within that flock there must have been a leader, in our flock it’s our pastor.  The leader has to give the leadership and direction that they must go to avoid the enemy. He had to guide them on the right path.  The flock had follow his direction to avoid falling astray or causing chaos where several may have fallen victim.  This day and age, many so-called pastors are leading their flocks to the slaughter.  And many flocks are being disobedient and giving themselves and their families over to the enemy.  Be thankful if you have a good, Holy Ghost following pastor.  I know I am very thankful!

Remember that if you are truly living your life for The Lord, the devil will not leave you alone.  He is always watching you and will take advantage of any opportunity you give him.  The devil stalks the church so to speak and takes jabs and punches at it where he can.  He will continue to observe and find any weak spots the church may have.  When a brother or sister is getting weaker, don’t tear them down and hand them over.  Help them, encourage them, pray for them!  I’m sure we would all be shocked to know how close the “enemy” is to striking our own homes and churches.


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