Power of Prayer



I hesitate to say that the “first” miracle in my life that I saw firsthand was when Brantyn got burned.  I’m sure there were many more in my life before that I was not so aware of.  So let’s just say the first miracle I would like to share is when my son Brantyn got burned when he was about 19 months old.  It was March 30, 2011 and I was working at the hospital as a CNA while Brantyn stayed with my grandparents.   I got a call midday from Mum-Mum, my grandmother, and when I answered I could hear nothing but screams of sheer terror.  My heart sank.  I knew something was horribly wrong.  She told me that Brantyn had managed to climb up in a kitchen chair and pull the coffee pot down on himself.  She said his skin was literally falling off.  She had called 911 and my Dad, who was also a paramedic with 20+ years experience.  Dad rushed to her house and got there about the same time as the ambulance.  I had managed to let my supervisor know I had to leave and was waiting around at the ER for him to arrive.  This is a miracle in itself that I was working at the hospital so that I didn’t have to drive in my immediate panic.  I had all the time I needed to calm down.  My Dad kept me informed by phone of what was happening.  The paramedics had started treating Brantyn for severe burns on his neck, chest, shoulder and all the way around his left arm.  They decided to fly him by helicopter to the burn center.  I left work and called Evan so we could plan to meet and drive together.  I was about an hour away from home at the hospital.  Minutes passed.  For some reason, the helicopter couldn’t come to get him.  Instead, the burn center was sending an ambulance to pick him up at the local hospital.  Evan and I made it to that hospital (after a crazy drive and a ticket).  When we walked into his room, Brantyn was smiling and had already been bandaged.  They told us the further transport had been cancelled.  The burns were now only on his shoulder, arm and hand. Miracle!  To the paramedics astonishment, his neck and chest were completely perfect, not even red.  The burn also did not go all the way around his arm.  I found out much later that a young girl had heard the ambulance dispatched and, not knowing who it was for, felt the need to pray.  She, and I think her Dad, immediately began to pray for the “victim”.  God answered!  If you don’t believe me, fine. But I’m telling you what happened.  People said it was an over-reaction and that the burns were never in those places, but three very experienced paramedics would argue that they were.  Due to this girl’s willingness to pray for a stranger in need, my son was touched by an almighty God.

We were able to take him home a few hours later.  He never had to spend even one night in the hospital.  Praise God!  The burns he did sustain though were serious, second and third degree. We had to follow up twice within a week with the specialists in Wake Forest.  The doctors informed us of the extent of his burns and were amazed thy they did not circumvent (go all the way around) his arm.  However, they were concerned and set up to see him several more times as healing progressed.  I can’t recall the exact length of time that they expected healing to take.  And something like 6-9 weeks was when they would re-evaluate for skin grafting.  After only 3-4 weeks, Brantyn went in for a follow-up.  He was completely healed.  No need for skin grafting. Let me also mention that this entire time, I had to unbandage, clean, medicate, and rebandage his arm.  This was no easy task for me, because it was gruesome and looked horribly painful.  Words cannot describe how helpless I felt.  But not a single time did Brantyn even whimper. God had taken away his pain.

I’m sure you know that our Heavenly Father always goes above and beyond. This was no exception.  By the time Brantyn was 2, you could ask him where he got burned and he would tell you the wrong arm almost every time.  To this day, he has no scar or blemish at all.  He remembered being burned well enough though, and never touched a coffee pot again. I praise The Lord that He healed my child and I do give him ALL the praise and glory for the situation.  It was truly a miracle in more than one way.






2 thoughts on “Power of Prayer

  1. This makes me think of an experience I had where God protected me from being burned. I had deep fryer practically explode in my kitchen me standing right at it. My shoes which I had taken off right beside me in the floor were full of hot oil and melted….( this is typically where my little dog sits while I cook but she wasn’t that day)…. I was not burned anywhere. I didn’t even get oil on me anywhere. My kitchen was covered in oil. I had my hands right over the fryer when it happened… It was a miracle. I know that the same God that was with the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace still protects his children! Praise God for your story. God is so good.


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