Point the Way

We all enjoy reading and most of us probably take it a bit for granted that we have the ability to read.  For instance, Brantyn is just now learning to read and at times he wants so bad to know how.  He follows along in his Bible as we read by pointing his finger at the words just like most children learn to do.  During church, he was pointing his finger and running it along the wrong lines while the scripture was being read.   Obviously he had no idea because he, of course, can’t read.  I took hold of his little finger and gently ran it along below the words as they were said.   Then it hit me: I have to point the way!  He has the right materials-the Bible, eyes, a brain-but unless I point out where the words are that are being read, he would never be able to recognize them.

We should apply this to our lives as we try to point others to Christ!  They may (or may not) have knowledge of the Bible, Jesus or His redeeming blood.  It’s our responsibility as Christians to point the way, live Godly lives in front of them, and witness to them when God gives us opportunity.  You’d better believe that the devil has his workers out there pointing them in the wrong direction, we should be hard at work against it.  It would be very hard to deny that everyone is looking and longing for “something”, a purpose, or answers to life. Why am I alive? How was the world created? How will I make it through this? What happens when I die? For believers, our search is over!  We have found Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith!  For others, they may think they have found answers through science, worldly religions, or idols.  Or they may be running from it by using drugs and alcohol.  We should point the way to Christ!  Show them that there’s more to this life than just life itself and the pleasures our flesh desires.  We all had to learn to read at one point in our life.  During that time we came to realize that we were missing out in life because we couldn’t read things like signs, newspapers, names, books or magazines.  As sinners, we too were missing out on Jesus’ saving blood and we had to realize it before we could ask  His forgiveness. Let’s not forget what it was like “before we could read”.  Remember to love those that are lost around us, as we try to lead them to our Heavenly Father.

This can also apply to how we should handle “young” believers.  They may be trying to follow along, but  just be “on the wrong line” as Brantyn was when he was following on his own.  Are you the spiritual “mama” (or “daddy”) that they could turn to when they need to ask for guidance or direction in studying and following God’s will in their life?  We should be prepared spiritually to “point the way”.


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