Child-like Faith

Several months ago during a time when we were having vehicle issues, I had to borrow my father-in-law’s truck  to take Brantyn to a doctor’s appointment.  My Mom was with us and Brantyn was riding in the back seat.  He very confidently said, “Granny will you lean forward and reach your hand down beside your left foot?”.   This kind of struck me as funny at the moment because it’s an odd request coming from a kid, then 4 years old.  Somewhat curious, Mom reached down.  Brantyn then said, “Now on your left in that cubby hole, are my toys, reach in and get them for me please.”  Honestly, I was kind of surprised immediately at the detail of his instructions, but then I realized that was an act of faith on his part.  He had enough confidence in his Papaw to know that his toys would be exactly where he left them.  Enough faith in fact, that he told his Granny to move on it.  He didn’t ask her to check and make sure they were there, just knew that they would be.  How often are we lacking in faith and won’t even move on it ourselves much less tell someone else to.  We should fully trust and believe in God. He is in control and will NEVER let us down.  You can count on that!  There’s no need for us to second guess Him or doubt. When we pray and God answers in a way that we don’t understand, we should have enough unwavering faith to fully rely on him.


One thought on “Child-like Faith

  1. beautiful,,faith like a child, faith like a mustard seed. that is all it takes. something very small, but we make a mole hill out of nothing. if only we had that much faith. Love ya Leah!! Blessings to you and yours.


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