Amazing Things Can Happen

Welcome to my new blog! My purpose is to share the many amazing things that God has done for me and those around me. He helps us grow spiritually through His word and we find examples everyday in our lives. It amazes me how much God can use our children, animals, and nature as everyday examples that we can apply to our spiritual lives. I could start by sharing so many stories but I will space it all out in future posts as The Lord leads me. Let me just begin today by explaining my title, “Amazing Things Can Happen”. One of my closest friends bought me a notebook to write my stories in. This was in a time when I was feeling pretty down and out about whether I should even try to write any of my testimony or not. On the front cover of this notebook were the words, “Amazing Things Can Happen”. God used this dear sister to encourage me during my time of doubt by something as simple as giving me a notebook with these words on it. So friend, with God-amazing things can happen! And our lives prove this as He blessed us daily. Follow my posts as I try to share my life’s testimonials one day at a time. I look forward to sharing the miracles God has performed in my life and I’m thankful for each of you that will be reading them. To God be the glory!


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